Performance 23

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The Statesman

Leaders' Jimmy Worrall sat down with England men's football team Head Coach, Gareth Southgate, to explore his perspective on resilience when performing at one of world's most coveted football tournaments, and addressing the heartbreaking defeat at Euro 2020 with the 2022 World Cup on the horizon.

Back in the Game

Why were the New Zealand All Blacks so well-placed and ready to thrive during the pandemic?

We spoke to the New Zealand All Blacks' Head of High Performance, Mike Anthony, on why resilience is a defining trait of the team, and how the players and coaches helped the sport to survive.


Supporting the Non-Linear Development of Young Athletes

"The most effective talent development environments are often characterised by a belief that aspirational targets are attainable, a progressive pathway designed to facilitate transitions and an empathetic approach responsive to the needs of individuals."

In a guest piece, Southampton FC's Academy Manager, Edd Vahid explains how an organisation's culture can provide the balance of challenge and support that promotes trust and belief in young player development.

Finding Your 'Harmonious Passion'

Performance Director of British Wheelchair Basketball, Jayne Ellis, provides insight on one of para-sports most successful programmes and how the relationship between the athletes, the Head Coach, and the performance staff have got them there.

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